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Genesis Customized Headers (advanced use)

First and foremost - do not ever do this unless you absolutely know exactly what you are doing absolutely have to because of some unique reason absolutely know what you are doing have read and

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Customize your wp_get_archives() in WordPress

Usually I am very pleased with the WordPress community about how helpful they are with users who have questions.  Occasionally though, there is a question where for whatever reason people attack the user the question.

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Custom CSS for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of my favorite plugins designed for Wordpress, and can be easily used for the quick blogger to advanced developer alike. More than likely you already know about Gravity Forms, so I

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Remove everything except Post Title on Category Pages – Genesis

You may notice in Genesis when you load a category page (domain.com/category/awesome) you will see a listing of all of your Posts with featured images, content, and probably some other meta tag stuff.  What if

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Customizing Genesis Framework Footer

The Genesis framework is a great WordPress tool, but too many times I have seen clients who attempted to make adjustments, only to find they have just made things all mucky.  So I thought it

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