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Nivo Slider Fixed for IE

Have you recently downloaded an ElegantThemes WordPress theme, or noticed your theme doesn’t work correctly with Internet Explorer (IE)?

Recently our very own, Kevin Shoffner, reported the issue to Elegant Themes regarding their Chameleon theme and we wanted to share the fix with you until ET has resolved the issue.

Go to the theme folder directory and file /js/et_nivo.js

Once there, you need to make sure all of the JavaScript variables are actually defined properly (put a var in front of them.)

Below is the entire FIXED et_nivo.js file that works:

 var $featured_content = jQuery('#featured #slides'),
 et_featured_slider_auto = jQuery("meta[name=et_featured_slider_auto]").attr('content'),
 et_featured_auto_speed = jQuery("meta[name=et_featured_auto_speed]").attr('content');if ( $featured_content.length ){
 var et_nivo_slider_options = {
 pauseTime: et_featured_auto_speed,
 if ( et_featured_slider_auto != 1 ) et_nivo_slider_options.manualAdvance = false;$featured_content.nivoSlider(et_nivo_slider_options);

So, basically – just make sure around line 2 ($featured_content) and line 7 (et_nivo_slider_options) has a “var ” in front of them, upload again, and you should be Golden.


Update, 8/22/2011:  Elegant Themes has now updated their version, and this should no longer be a problem

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