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Genesis Favicon: How to Change

We highly recommend Genesis framework, but some times things are not as clear as you might think.

Today, we are discussing how to replace the default Genesis Favicon (you know, that little image on your browser tab reminding you what the page is).  In Genesis, the default is a little black box with a “G.”  So there are two different approaches here.


Method A – Regular install of WordPress

Changing the default favicon.ico file per theme – go to your theme directory and replace the default with your new one which you created.
For instance, if you are using Outreach Child Theme, then go to /wp-content/themes/outreach/images/favicon.ico and replace the .ICO file.   Pretty simple.


Method B – Multisite install of WordPress

If you have Multisite, you will need to take two additional steps so you can customize each instance within your Multisite correctly.

Step 1 –

You will need to go inside your Child Theme function.php file.

The above code should be placed anywhere after this:

And before the following closing code (if it exists):


and put the following piece of code

remove_action('genesis_meta', 'genesis_load_favicon');

Step 2 –

Network install a plugin of your choice that allows you to specify your Favicon (such as: Personal Favicon), and upload your new Favicon with this plugin.


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