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Customizing Genesis Framework Footer

The Genesis framework is a great WordPress tool, but too many times I have seen clients who attempted to make adjustments, only to find they have just made things all mucky.  So I thought it was high time to suggest a different approach, that will not mess with any of Genesis’s core files so you won’t have anything to worry about later.

Go into your Child’s theme and look for the file


Now, at the bottom of the file, just add the following code:

//* Customize the credits
add_filter( 'genesis_footer_creds_text', 'custom_footer_creds_text' );
function custom_footer_creds_text() {
echo '

echo 'Copyright © ';
echo date('Y');
echo ' My Custom Link · Built on the Genesis Framework';
echo '



That’s it – you just change what you want the footer to actually say, Save, Upload to your site, and you are done.

You’re awesomeness is quite high at this point

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