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Adjusting RSS Widget for WordPress

Have you ever needed to do something custom to the standard/default WordPress RSS Widget?  If you haven’t, then you are not doing WordPress to it’s fullest.

So, if you by accident want to change the standard/default WordPress widget that displays RSS feeds so that the widget no longer displays a title, do the following.  You should just not add a title in the widget itself, but I have noticed sometimes the database or WordPress likes to think you put something, so to fix the small bug.

Custom RSS Widget for WordPress

Open the file \wp-includes\default-widgets.php

Go down to lines around 750-800; I personally just search for “rss.png” or whatever function I am looking for.  Now just change

if ( $title )

to this:

if ( $title == "")

Save the file, upload to your site, and you are good to go.

The image attached is very crude, but you get the idea.


Disclaimer: Of course, there are plugins that will do this, but if I can get away without using additional plugins and learning something in the process – I tend to do it myself.

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