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Spectrum WordPress Theme by CMSSuperheros

Does Spectrum WordPress Theme by CMSSuperheros work on mobile devices?

Recently I worked with a client who had purchased a theme from Themeforest’s author CMSSuperheros.  The theme is called Spectrum and is $59.  If you are looking for a theme full of information and features for a landscaping company, this definitely has it all.  I will say though, it will need some customization and a little knowhow.

The client had many questions along the way, but one of the ones that I’m surprised the author never addressed before in any update was by default, when you are on any iOS mobile device (iPhone or iPad), you would not be able to click on the portfolio or gallery thumbnails*.  So imagine if you are on any regular WordPress blog and cannot click on a thumbnail to read its content.  Yikes, that’s not good.

But no worries, I told the client, and thought I would show you here what I did so you can fix it yourself.

I  went into the file cms_templates/portfolio/css/portfolio.layout3.css and added the following:

.portfolio-layout3 .cshero-portfolio-item-content .cshero-portfolio-content-wrap {
left: -100% !important;
.portfolio-layout3 .cshero-portfolio-container:hover .cshero-portfolio-item-content .cshero-portfolio-content-wrap {
left: 0 !important;

Basically this small piece of code allows for the default overlay the theme uses to not seem and the thumbnail will not be clickable.  On all other devices you would not see an issue, but with so many web users being mobile and iOS users you cannot risk not adding this code.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions or need help with your WordPress needs, just let me know.


*CMSSuperheros refers to this as a Portfolio Grid


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