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Adjusting RSS Widget for WordPress

Have you ever needed to do something custom to the standard/default WordPress RSS Widget?  If you haven't, then you are not doing WordPress to it's fullest. So, if you by accident want to change the

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Adding a CSS Class to WordPress Editor

The Reason I like making it as user-friendly for my clients as possible.  WordPress does many, many things great, but some of the styling concepts lack just a little.  In this situation, I figure it

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Emptying Clipboard in Windows 7

Press [windows-button]+R    The Run Prompt will pop up, Now just put in this cmd /c echo off | clip   That's it.  I personally use this a lot of times when I have been

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Genesis 404 Custom Page

But what is a 404 Error Page? It's the page where one of your visitors will eventually end up because they typed something wrong, or a link has gone bad on your site.  But don't

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Genesis & Multisite, WordPress

Recently while working on a large network, I realized something very valuable about WordPress Multisite and the Genesis framework, by StuidoPress.  Because if it's popularity, and the increasing value of Multisite I found it a great message

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