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Inserting shortcode into ANY template…

Do you have a great plugin that you use all of the time, but wish you could put it in a very custom location, maybe on the index.php or footer.php page of your template, instead of just a Post or Page?

Luckily there is a very simple way to do this…

Instead of just using [your shortcode info], you will want to go to your location of your template,
and change it to <?php echo do_shortcode( [your shortcode info] ) ?>


Sounds easily enough, huh?


Let’s look at an example I recently used was for the wpaudio plugin. I wanted to put near the bottom of just my index.php page, and not on any Post/Page within the site.

Step #1
To keep it simple, I went to Add New Post, added a MP3 file using the standard Upload/Insert >> Add Audio icon, selected my MP3 file and said Insert Into Post.

The Post then had this piece of code:

Step #2
So, I then copied this into Notepad, and slightly edited the code to look like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘‘); ?>


Step #3
I pasted this code into my index.php file, and was good to go.

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