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Customize WooCommerce Placeholder image

Occasionally I have clients ask to have a custom WooCommerce placeholder.png used instead of what comes with the plugin. And I am going to tell you how to fix it quickly and painlessly. If you

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Genesis Customized Headers (advanced use)

First and foremost - do not ever do this unless you absolutely know exactly what you are doing absolutely have to because of some unique reason absolutely know what you are doing have read and

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Genesis 2.0, WordPress 3.6, and Superfish

If you have upgraded your WordPress site to WordPress 3.6 or higher recently and/or upgraded your Genesis theme-work to Genesis 2.0 or higher, you may have noticed something very unusual with your drop-down menus. They

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Genesis Custom Category Pages

Recently I was doing a project for a client who instead of wanting the default WordPress settings for their Category pages (10 of the recent Posts and displayed based on the most recent Posts).  Instead they wanted

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Remove everything except Post Title on Category Pages – Genesis

You may notice in Genesis when you load a category page (domain.com/category/awesome) you will see a listing of all of your Posts with featured images, content, and probably some other meta tag stuff.  What if

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