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Unfollowing People on Social Media

I have a love/hate relationship with social media in general and it’s not because I dislike any of the platforms. In fact, I really enjoy interacting with those who follow me and talking about things that do (and often) don’t matter.

Don't get hooked on social media

I am constantly on social media platforms monitoring client performance, managing company accounts, and general distractions. But that’s not why I dislike social.


The problem I have is that at times I feel a prisoner to the people I follow — and

It’s something that really bothers me.

A couple of times over the past year I have tweeted this:

Don’t follow people because you are afraid to unfollow them.

I know, I know. Do as I say, not as I do. Right?

Though I will admit recently I went on a unfollow binge on all platforms, where I pushed the button on nearly 25% of the folks that I was following — and it felt really good. Similar to purging of crap in my house or clicking unsubscribe to different retailer emails because you think you are going to “miss a deal.” And guess what:

It felt cleansing, in fact.

I was and still am amazed how many people I had followed just because. I was honest to myself and asked

Is there a real reason I’m following this person?

It didn’t take long to realize how many of them I said “no” to, and that started the snowball once I understood that answer meant something.

The follow-up question I had if there was someone I wasn’t sure about was

When was the last time you tweeted / liked / even read something about them? Does this person or company bring anything valuable to my life or lifestyle?

And the silence was deafening…

It was time. Time to grow a pair and start pruning the list, so that my energy on social was more efficiently, rather than scrolling past all the statuses I know deep down in my heart I’m not that interested in. You might have to come to the realization that some folks might take it personal. But remember, you are doing it for yourself and your own sanity. Keep in mind: This relates to your business accounts too. Spend your time focused on what will help grow your business, not the tangled mess that can happen when your accounts are not maintained.

I challenge you to take some time to go through the list of people you follow and push the button. Even if that means unfollowing me.

Consider this permission.

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