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“Try” or “Do”, which are you?

Be honest with yourself for a moment, and answer this:

When somebody comes to you at work and says “Hey, I need you to find the answer to _________,” do you respond with something like

I will try to find the answer


For years, I have been a person who “tries” but just a short period of time ago, I realized I needed to do more.  Why was I just “trying” and not “doing?”  I mean, if you are going to put forth the half-ass method to “try,” shouldn’t you just go ahead and put a tiny more effort in to “do?”

I know, I probably sound a little bit like Yoda except I could never put it quite the elegant way he does:


I’m not just talking about work either.
Relationships of all types need more “doers” and less “triers.”


Don’t be a person who “tries.”
Be a person who “does.”


If you are only plan to “try” then watch this last clip from our friend Yoda.

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