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Let’s Take Hold of “The Sacred Disease”

Have you ever heard of the "Sacred Disease?" If you haven't, you might learn something today. [ Hippocrates wrote about it around 400 B.C. describing how ignorance of men thinking it was something from divinity

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“Try” or “Do”, which are you?

Be honest with yourself for a moment, and answer this: When somebody comes to you at work and says "Hey, I need you to find the answer to _________," do you respond with something like

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What defines you?

Have you ever encountered people who pass judgement or criticize you when they do not really know who you are?  Lots of times people are judged by their physical appearance or social status. Think about high

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Dear 16 year old me,

You have just visited your doctor, he has referred you to a specialist, and you will soon be diagnosed with a medical condition which will change your life forever. Are you going to be prepared

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Our own Alps – Part #3, The First Step

Time to take your first step If you reading this, I hope you have taken the time to read my two articles previous articles talking about walking on the best trail, and which trail you

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