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Foggy Path

Your mindset – Eating Soup With A Fork…

For years my mindset was to be a very negative person, carried lots of baggage, and just threw pity parties for myself for the heck of it.  But in the last few years I really

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Spring cleaning

Do you feel that your life is just a little too cluttered? I find clutter comes in a wide variety of forms and can slowly accumulate over time and often times show up when I

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St Valentine's Day

St. Valentine – The untold story.

When you hear "St. Valentine" what do you think about? Flowers? Balloons? Stuffed animals & chocolate? February 14th? Satan's day (for singles)? My guess is - "yes of course." (at least for one of these) What

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One, Two, Three – Words of 2014

As 2013 came to a close, I was spending a bit of time deliberating on what my previous year brought me and what I could expect from 2014. As a person who believes karma is real, I

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Moments between moments

While I was sitting on the beach only a few weeks ago, I started thinking about this post. Looking around, and any place I go these days, there is something becoming more and more noticeable.

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