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Moments between moments

While I was sitting on the beach only a few weeks ago, I started thinking about this post. Looking around, and any place I go these days, there is something becoming more and more noticeable.

People sitting and tapping…

Everyone is present, but are they really here? Tapping on their phone. Sending email from their phone. Taking pictures of their feet with their phone. Listening to music from their phone. Maybe even hurling birds at pigs.

It just got me thinking.

What did our brains do when it had downtime to relax? When going to the beach was to listen to the waves, fish, play in the sand, and not just time to photo your feet so your friends would be jealous? When going to a concert was to listen to and see the performance, instead of being behind a smartphone trying to take the epic picture to upload into a filtered square image? Going out on a date, and spending more time looking and touching their physical profile, instead of their “poking” their digital profile? Watching tv was relaxing and you didn’t have to give summaries online every commercial break (or vote a person off a show by using hashtags)?

When was the last vacation you went on that you didn’t check your email?

I often wonder what these lifestyle changes have done to our brains. Much of my best ideas come from the deepest crevices of my brain. Heck, many of my creative ideas tend to happen when I am just sitting by a campfire, sitting outside pulling weeds, or walking through the woods; not while I am staring at a computer screen or seeing how many of the same colored jewels I can match up in a 60 seconds. Wanted Time... I cannot be the only person who processes creativity and thoughts this way. The concept of ourselves becoming out of touch with our surrounding, becoming more interactive with our digital world and less involved with our physical world, all of which may be damaging us – shouldn’t be that hard to understand. So why are we starting to program ourselves more and more in this direction?

Paraphrasing a statement I’ve heard a number of times from a terrific woman to fit this article, I have come to think about this:

Be still, don’t let the world around you control you or swallow your life.

Be still, don’t let the world control you.

Be still



Although I know I don’t unplug myself enough, I have to think of this from time to time (especially the last two points) because we as people really just need to “be.”


– Don’t let electronic devices take away those “between moments?”
– Don’t have your “moments between moments” been lost?


  • cooldeb
    cooldeb | November 28, 2013

    Agreed. You know I talk a lot about this on my blog. The stripped down moments like pulling weeds do bring clarity and simple peace. I think mental quiet is inspiring. My favorite bible verse is Be still and know that I am God.

    • k.shoffner
      k.shoffner | November 30, 2013

      It really is the simple things that make the difference. Pulling weeds for me also helps me “pull weeds” to bring clarity to my personal life.

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