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When did we make the wrong turn?

Have you ever been told, “Love your neighbors and enemies.”  Sure you have.
Its the Golden Rule, who hasn’t been told that since they were 2 years old?

Question to ponder though- is that the best message and advice to give some one from day one in this world?
Maybe we should look at it more like the way we learn in school.  Let me explain…

When we first start in school, we learn the basics, generalized, and fundamentals of life as a whole.
2+2 = 4
We do not start 1st grade learning Calculus theorems, chemical equations, and the meaning of life…  So are we taught incorrectly with “love your enemy?”

Maybe it should be something more like this…

In our youth – “Love our family.”
Teenage years – “Love our friends.”
College level – “Love all those who love us.”
Higher level – “Love those who are different than us, politics, looks, race, sexual orientation, etc..”
Post-Grad – “Love our neighbors”
PhD level – “Love our enemies”

Where and When did we make the wrong turn?

Maybe that could help us all out…

Your thoughts???

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