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Our own Alps – Part #3, The First Step

Time to take your first step

If you reading this, I hope you have taken the time to read my two articles previous articles talking about walking on the best trail, and which trail you should hike on.


After traveling on different paths over the last few years, I’ve proven to myself that even though I am starting to be more demanding on myself – the only path worth traveling is not the one you’re supposed to travel, but rather, the one you give yourself permission to go after.

Now that you have given yourself permission, it is time to get out and do some hiking…  What will be your first hike?

  • Maybe your hike is to start cutting back on soda or $5 fancy coffees; putting that money aside just for yourself.
  • Maybe your hike is cleaning out your attic and closets full of mess you will never used, and just clutter your life.
  • Maybe your hike is to start a new business venture to go after something you have a strong passion for, even if you don’t feel ready. btw: you will never be ready.
  • Maybe your hike is embracing your own faith beliefs, not those you’ve been told are correct.
  • Maybe your hike is embracing your sexually, and face those who you fear as being prejudice against you.
  • Maybe your hike is to stop worrying about medical things; instead becoming your advocate to make things better.
  • Heck, maybe your hike is actually getting outside and walking a trail, and stop reading blogs.

Deciding to “hike” requires a bold step. But that overwhelming first step is what separates people who think they can, to people who do.

That’s the thing about hikes (metaphorically or literally). Some are easy, some will kick you in the ass, make you feel like you fell over the cliff and broke all your ribs, but keep you coming back for more. Eventually your conditioning will make you a better hiker, and you will be able to climb the tallest of mountains.


So today I ask once again =


BTW – don’t forget to take your camera and get memories of those magical hikes.

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