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Our own Alps – Part #2, Courage

The Apathetic Trail (not the best A.T. to hike)

By now you may have read my earlier post about why I hike, or maybe you will read it after reading this.  Instead of talking about The A.T. (Appalachian Trail) which I love to visit, I am going to talk about The A.T. more of you may be familiar with.  Unfortunately I am guilty of this as well.

The most dangerous path to walk down, is the Apathetic Trail.  Think about it and answer to yourself honestly: Have you been on that trail yourself? Between “phoning it in” or going through the steps of my career or relationships, I some times find myself building trails out of sand and not enough out of concrete.

I’m really, really good at convincing myself to not do things, letting my inner voice say things to discourage me.

  • “You don’t need anything else, just use what you have”
  • “You need to be healthy first”
  • “You’re not smart enough”
  • “You don’t have a chance to do that, so don’t bother”
  • “You didn’t do it before, couldn’t do it now”
  • “You suck”

courageEven so, I’ve had to make conscious decisions to make goals for myself that make me strive to do better. Going from previous employers who took full advantage of me because they would string me along with promises for more, to have become very successful with two different employers (one includes myself as being the boss). Also, having lots of relationships (friends, family, significant others) where the other person(s) were just working so hard at playing “the role” for their own benefit yet having no enthusiasm inside. Now I find having less associations with people does not make me less connected in this world and life, but actually let me have stronger connections.

Those people appreciate me for being me.

Being on the apathetic trail for so long, I became so accustomed to not share my most personal feelings or thoughts, including my medical issues with others because of the stigma that comes with it. Now I am realizing the stigma is that of ignorance from others and I should embrace their ignorance to advocate for those who do not have the courage – yet…  Your courage will come.

Two of my favorite quotes about courage have been included about this topic, and I hope you find them as inspiring as I have.


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