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Our own Alps – Part #1, Your Hike

What will your first hike be?

I’ve enjoyed the trails of the Appalachian Trail (The A.T.) and many other locations whenever I get a chance to do a day hike.  I’ve even hiked more exotic places, including the Garda Mountains of Italy.

My love of hiking

  1. gets me back into nature and unplugged from my office chair and the rest of the world for a short period of time
  2. reminds me of the beauty all around us which so many people take advantage of for granted
  3. reminds me of life in general

Although most hikes I walk are fairly relaxing and simple, as I would say about my day to day life, occasionally I run into a hike that of the Garda Mountains.

When I first learned about the Garda hike, I heard it was a slightly moderate trail by my kind, and in-shape,European chaps. Sounded great to me. I mean, why would I turn down a nice trail in Northern Italy on a comfortable sunny day?  But somewhere along the way there was a feeling telling me a different story. While out on the trail, I went from thinking


this is the most amazing feeling…

I am so out of shape but loving this…

man, what if I get too tired to make it back…

(and many other thoughts that I better not put into writing.)

to finally get back to the thought of

this is the most amazing feeling…

Those feelings told me that I must be doing something crazy. But I kept telling myself, I could do this, and those same thoughts turned into thoughts telling me that I must be doing something right.

And this should be how your life journey should be.  It should be challenging. You might think you are doing things that are too hard or possibly crazy to be doing.  Those are the times when you should know you are doing things right.

We all need to climb our own Alps


Followers: I will be following up this article in the next day or two.

Until then, I ask to start thinking =


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