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UNCG Branding

Category : Branding / Education / Web Design
Client :UNCG Branding
Role :Developer & Strategic Partner

The purpose of Supporting your marketing and communication goals

Establishing a website entire suite of resources and tools from photography and writing guidelines to logos, colors, the tagline, social media standards and more. Above all else, become familiar with UNCG’s “Why-How-What” Strategy, which will inform all of your communication decisions. Under that tab, you will find a research-based approach unique to UNCG and essential for developing authentic, distinctive materials that resonate with your audience.

The UNCG family needed to be charged with sharing their story in one, unified voice. With that voice, they were able to all grow stronger across every program.

Since communicating about UNCG has ultimately been about motivating people to make a deeper connection to the university. Heck, with your own personal brand — consider your own objective when creating your marketing and communication — to motivate people to come see what you are able, make an investment in your products/services, or to become more engaged.

I wanted to help give the University the power to help build these critical relationships by sharing the university’s story. Every communication is an opportunity to affect the perceptions that lead to a stronger bond and increased support. I guess you could say I wanted everybody to feel empowered to consider themselves a UNCG brand ambassador. 

To do that, you have to have a centralized area to refer back to.

Their new brand + A group of creative geniuses + my understanding of how users would function on the website = Success!

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