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Remington Firearms

Category : Branding / UX / Web Design
Client :Remington Firearms
Role :Marketing / Digital Strategist

While looking at reaching a newer and younger  generation, Remington Firearms and sister brands were ready for an edgy new approach. 

Knowing that younger consumers have unprecedented control, devouring content when, how and where they please it was extremely important to research the demographic and audience focus. Considering the core values of this century old brand, I worked with the in-house marketing team to stay with the mission and brand - their core - it was time to put the dynamics of this brave new world to the test.

From setting up social media accounts, creating the design and send schedule for email campaigns to their over 1 million loyal customer base, designing two iOS apps, and using an enterprise level CMS (Sitecore), putting a new layout on the site took an extremely complicated strategy.

I helped guide them through this new unconventional consumer journey. Helping them harness the speed and fluidity of emerging technology, while weaving in proven traditional mediums where it makes sense.

Their brand history + Their willingness to transform to the new generation + my flexibility to work with corporations = Success!

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