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Hi, I'mKevin Shoffner


I try to think of myself as a pretty well rounded person, who makes sure never to stay too comfortable in one place for too long.  I like to keep my brain thinking of different things most every day, or at least exploring new things from time to time.  Even if they are failed attempts, at least I tried.  Too many people do not ever try, then complain about the experiences never being handed to them.  I try to use my hobbies to help me explore life.


Always learning, and trying to find areas to improve in, this has been a hobby of mine from childhood (and some times even torturous to my friends and family). My family made it a point not to have cameras around too often because they never knew when I would sneak up on them.

My style for the most part is documentary, from landscapes, rustic scenes, and daily life.  Inspiration has come from William Eggleston, Mackenzie Reiss, Ansel Adams, Fred Archer, and others. I’m a certified commercial licensed UAS Pilot.

You can find some of my samples under Portfolio, my photo page, and my Instagram.


Another part of my childhood that carried into adulthood.  I was never the child who wanted to be contained inside, and growing up in rural North Carolina on family land, it was great to spend afternoons, weekends, and summers canvasing the land.  Rather it being woods, creek beds, old horse paths, abandoned farmhouses or barns – I always desired to know “their story.”  Now as an adult, you will mostly find me in traveling the Appalachian Trail, the Adirondacks, or paths around Lake Garda. Rather hiking or camping, my cameras are never too far away.


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