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YouTube Custom Backgrounds

Are you bored with the default YouTube Background? The default YouTube profile background is fairly boring and plain, even with their custom design options its not quite unique.
With the following tutorial we will learn how to create a great looking Web 2.0 YouTube background design.

Step #1:

Create a new image

Open Photoshop and create a new image that is about 2000 x 1900, and 72 dpi is fine.

Step #2:

Box Size

Create a new layer and put two boxes in the middle of the image, at the top and bottom. In my example, I made the boxes Black and a size of 960 x 669 (width x height).



Step #3:

Make the foreground color #6e6e75, and background color #000033.
Now select the Gradients tool (normally in the sub menu to the Paint bucket tool, click and hold to reveal the sub menu).

Step #4:

From the main menu select, FILTER > DISTORT > WAVE. Now input all the settings from the image below.

Step #5:

On the main menu again select, FILTER > DISTORT > POLAR COORDINATES. Follow the settings shown below in the image and press OK.
Note: You can do step 5 before step 4 to get a completely different look. I highly recommend you trying a few different ways and looks to get a custom look that fits your style.


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