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Using NFC on your HTC One

Can I use NFC on my HTC One?

What is NFC technology, and why would I use it?  Some people ask me these questions from time to time, and I thought it was worth addressing concerns, if you are also interested.

This tutorial will help answer a number of questions for you regarding these questions, and you may be surprised at how quick and to the point the answers are.


What is NFC technology?

NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and is supported by Android smartphones, and a few Windows 8 phones. Of course, iPhone didn’t get on board with the technology because they decided to create their own concept. As the name suggestions, NFC enables short range communication between compatible devices. So you need a transmitting device and another to get the signal.

Passive, or sending, NFC devices include come as small transmitters (usually referred as “tags”, that can send information to other NFC devices without the need for a power source of their own. Passive devices don’t process any information nor cannot connect to other passive components.  They just have the information to be gathered.  You can find these more and more on advertisements, gas stations, and signs.  I tend to explain them as how QR codes work, except they do more actions than just open up a web browser.

Active devices can actually send and receive data.  They can also communicate with other active devices and passive devices alike. 99% of active devices are smartphones right now, but you can also find them in other items like loyalty cards and toll locations.


Can I use it on my HTC One?

Of course you can use this technology, because the HTC One is awesome.  This is not activated by default, so many people do not know how to even use it.  The 3 steps are pretty easy and straight forward.

Step #1 – Go to Settings
Step #2 – Click on “More”
Step #3 – Make sure NFC is clicked
That’s it. NFC is setup on your phone and you are ready to get and send information.

Examples of what to do with NFC

Some ideas you could do around the house, office, or in your car could include any of the following:

  • When you enter your living room, your remote app on your phone pops up and you are ready to go
  • When you lay down for bed, your phone automatically sets your alarm for the next day
  • Automatically check you in to Foursquare or Facebook just by walking into a place
  • Get in your car, and phone goes into car mode automatically
  • One day soon, replace carrying around your wallet
  • Heck, you can even scan a tombstone and read about the deceased member of your family… Umm, this is not a joke.


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