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Using MTP Mode with your HTC One

I just updated my Android smartphone, and now I am seeing something about MTP Mode on my HTC One…

What is this MTP Mode thingy on my Android phone?

MTP Mode is a standard used for transferring files via USB.  Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is what is used for most Android phones, and was created by Microsoft. It not only allows you to transfer photos, music, and videos, but it also allows for more personal information (i.e., DRM information, metadata, so forth).  MTP only does one operation at a time (i.e., one photo, then the next, then the next – instead of bits of information all at once).

Okay, so how do I use it and why the heck would I even want to use it?

Why would I want to use it?

Let’s say you have been taking photos or videos using your HTC One, or any Android phone, and you have 100+ images but you just want to keep a few.  You could either delete them manually through the phone, one by one, or you could use your MTP mode and delete the media you no longer want.

In this image, you can see I have 115+ images, but I don’t care about 50% of them.  Connect to a Windows machine using USB, and delete the ones I don’t care about.  Bam, I am good to go.


You can do the same thing, and move files to your phone as well.  I tend to move music or podcasts to and from my HTC every few weeks just so I have something new.


If you are interested in using MTP on MAC or Linux, I recommend reading this article.


If you are still having trouble accessing this, depending on your carrier, you could also try:

Settings >> More >> Mobile Network Sharing >> USB Network Settings >> USB tethering


  • AJ | September 1, 2014

    I connect my HTC one to a PC. It cannot detect my phone. On my phone screen it shows a message “If HTC sync is not working start…. I tried to click it but nothing happens. I cannot read the whole thing. Any suggestion on how to fix it? I am using windows XP.

    • k.shoffner | September 3, 2015

      You will need to download the HTC Sync software and have it installed on your XP machine. Sounds like the driver did not install from XP automatically.

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