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Saving Facebook Videos To Your Desktop

Did you know there is a way of saving Facebook Videos?

facebookDo you want to save videos from Facebook onto your desktop and watch later?

Here’s how to do that:

Mozilla Firefox:
Step 1 =
Watch the video all the way through

Step 2 =
Navigate to

C:\ >> Documents and Settings >> USER >> Local Settings >> Application Data >> Mozilla >> Firefox >> Profiles

Users >> yourUserName >> Library >> Application Support >> Firefox >> Profile

Step 3 =
Copy the file that is looks newest and probably large, and paste in another location, ex : desktop, my documents etc

Step 4 =
Rename that file to something with .flv extension, ex : Facebook.flv

Step 5 =
Play this video using FLV player (http://applian.com/flvplayer/). Just remember, you do not have to pay for any of this software or even sign up to get the software. It’s FREE!!!

Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer:
You can basically do the same steps as above, just look for the CACHE folder

Any questions – let me know and I may be able to assist.

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