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HTC One Tips, Tricks and Secrets

It's me again, writing about the HTC One.  Since purchasing this phone I continue to be amazed by it's overall performance, and also find little tricks from time to time that make life even easier.

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HTC One Sample Photos

I have started adding a few images to this page just to get an idea as far as what the camera from the HTC One does for your images.  I will not do anything to

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HTC One Review – Worth the wait?

One thing anybody who knows me will know I am not a fanboy of any particular company or OS.  You know: Xbox vs Playstation, Apple vs PC vs Linux, iOS vs Android* cellphones, iPad vs

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My cat ate my cords, now what?

Use your USB Port on any Laptop as your iPad Charger Now that I have your attention let me tell you a quick story, then the solution. One morning when I woke up, I realized

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Emptying Clipboard in Windows 7

Press [windows-button]+R    The Run Prompt will pop up, Now just put in this cmd /c echo off | clip   That's it.  I personally use this a lot of times when I have been

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