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iPhone 5s vs HTC One Comparison

What are the major differences between these phones? After hearing so many people talk about it, I knew it was time for a true “real-world” iPhone 5s vs HTC One comparison in the same environment to find out for myself. So I put them side-by-side and see what I’ve noticed right off, although I am sure there are plenty other differences. I wanted to do a hands on comparison for myself, in a real world environment.

The first time one of my friends saw the HTC One, I actually heard “Wow cool, it looks like an iPhone.” Yea, I guess they were right considering they both are made of glass and metal, they both have apps, and they both are smartphones.  Otherwise, I didn’t see or feel any other similarities.



So let’s pick them both up. In the hand, they couldn’t feel more different. The HTC One is a taller and wider than the iPhone. Simply put, a much bigger phone, with its 4.7-inch display dwarfing the iPhone’s 4-inch screen.

Apple has always been very proud of their artistic designs and simplistic approach to design.  I normally would agree, but the iPhone hasn’t had a facelift in a while. The guys over at HTC had some great ideas though. There is a stark difference in feel because of the sloping sides the HTC One offers to the holder of this phone. It’s not the first time HTC has used this small, yet very noticeable idea.  The HTC 8X and Windows Phone and Droid DNA had similar sloping edges. The HTC One battery has been placed the middle of the body, instead of placing it on the outside of all of the innards, making for a nice teardrop shape. So instead of feeling like you are holding a huge phone, which is what it is, it fits nicely into place. The iPhone though = feels like a box.



Since some people get all excited over the variety of phone colors, I have added this section. iPhone wins here because they have 5 colors for the 5c and another 3 for 5s!  Yes, I said that right – 8 whole colors!!!! At the time of writing this article, HTC One has not stepped up to the plate. With only 4 different colors, depending on carrier, I guess they don’t cut it.  On the other hand, if you are in the 95% of all smartphone folks, you put a case on it anyways so basically nobody cares what color your phone is. People stop making this a color issue.



The iPhone takes this category, as it is lighter. Not getting too nit-picky, but the iPhone has smaller screen and body, so should this be a surprise?


Fun Factor

Of course everybody on the corner probably has an iPhone now, probably even your parents or grandparents. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great phone with a very stable OS.  It’s very simple and straight forward to use.  Heck, it came from the iPod Touch, so they have the media functions down pretty well also.  But come on, one speaker on the back of a phone vs two front-facing speakers found on the HTC One are simply amazing.  Apple’s always been able to eke out decent sound from the smallest of devices, but there’s really no comparison to the front-facing stereo speakers on the HTC One, which are as stylish as they are functional. Heck, when I first got my HTC One, I remembering tweeting HTC if the speakers blew up because of how loud they were, would they replace them.  I thought the whole Beats Audio thing was a marketing gimmick, but I admit now I was wrong on this topic.


All in all, the similarities stop after the sentence “they’re both made of metal.”

The iPhone = iPhone and iOS system
The HTC One = HTC One and Android system

I prefer the HTC One for phone, audio, camera/video, and screen over the iPhone 5s, but if you want simple as possible – the iPhone is probably your best bet.

I have a complete review of the HTC One found here.

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