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HTC One = More Secrets, Tricks and Tips

Do you already have the HTC One, or curious about getting one?  This article may be very helpful for you.

As you may already know, I’ve wrote a number of other helpful HTC One reviews and other tips, secrets, tricks articles such as:

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I’ve had a number of faithful followers request more tricks and tips, not because they have trouble navigating the device but because they love seeing what else they may have overlooked while using the rest of the great features.  So I thought it would be great to dive right into another quick article on some Advanced types of tricks/tips for those of you that what to use.


Upload my images to the “cloud” automatically

There are multiple ways.  If you have a Google+ account setup on your phone, there is an option to do that pretty quick and easy.

You can also open your Camera app, click in the top left corner of the screen (3 little dots in the corner), scroll down to the bottom, and click on the “Auto Upload” and you can select things like Dropbox or Flickr to upload images to.

You can also open your Dropbox app, should be on your phone already because it comes with your phone, and in the top right corner of that app, you can click on “Turn on Camera Upload”


Speed Up Your HTC One

Although the HTC One is the fastest and smoothest smartphone I have come across to date, some people just like to see how much they can max out their device.  Here is a simple way to gain more speed, and even a little more battery usage.

Go to

Settings > Developer options > Advanced

Turn off some of the animations in the Animation section.

If you don’t see Developer options then go to Settings > About >Software information (photo #1) and tap on Android version (photo #2) several times to unlock it. Once unlocked, you will see the Developer options (photo #3)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In order to make sure there’s nothing running in the background that you don’t need, and get rid of some bloatware that you can’t uninstall, go into Settings > Apps and swipe to All. Now scan down the list and select each app you don’t want and then tap Disable.


App Drawer

If you have lots of frequent apps you like to use, and just want to have more than just 4 apps on your App Drawer (see below), you can make that happen.  Just drag one or more apps to the same location and you will soon have a folder full of apps you like to be in the same folder on your Drawer.



Save Your Battery – Sleep Mode

You are headed to bed, or headed into a dreaded meeting, and want to save your phone battery.  You don’t have to turn off your phone, but just put it to sleep. Sleep Mode switches off 3G connectivity when One is inactive for a long period of time. To activate this option, go to Settings > Power > Sleep Mode.

I hate HTC Sense, but love my phone

No problem, you change your Sense to another custom AI.  Go to the Play Store, type in something like Launcher and look for your favorite.  This will replace your HTC Sense.  Most people try Nova Launcher and ADW.Launcher first, but there are many more.

Get to your contacts faster

Once you are in the Contacts/People app, you can use 2-fingers on the screen to scroll through to see big letters A-Z show up, which is handy if you are at the top and need to get to the S’s or “U’s.


Need a remote for your camera?  The HTC One has that covered

Get your Bluetooth headset paired to the phone and then launch the Camera app. Most of the time, the talk button on your headset will work for the shutter on the camera.  Great when trying to grab all of your friends in the same photo, and include yourself.  Or maybe you just want to get creative with your selfie.


Keep your kids safe when they’re using your phone

The HTC One comes with Zoodles Kid mode pre-installed, which was something I wasn’t sure what to do with at first.  But I started messing with it, and realized it helps keep your little ones safe when your phone is serving as an all-important entertainment device on long, dull car journeys. Kid Mode selects content appropriate for the child’s age and won’t allow them to use apps which could potentially put them at risk online.  This has now been a great lifesaver for a few airplane flights now.


Shhh, I’m in a meeting or busy on a date

When you are just too busy to take that annoying call, flip your phone face down and it will go silent.


Need more tips & tricks?

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