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HTC One M8 Camera Tips & Guide

The new HTC One M8 camera has great software with so many goodies that it can be a little hard to find things, so I hope this guide will at least help get you started.


Tap screen to automatically set focus and exposure

There are some situations when the HTC One (M8) might not set the exposure of your frame the way you would like. So I recommend always tapping the screen on the subject of your framed shot to get the exposure you are looking for, and then taking the photo.

Lock focus and exposure when needed

Holding your finger on the screen will lock the focus and exposure on the point you specify. Then you can compose the frame freely, without that changing the focus and exposure. This trick could be useful in dynamic scenes, or when moving objects might disrupt the camera’s focus.

Disable focus lock in videos

2014-05-29-19.46.42For whatever reason, HTC thought it was a good idea to make video capture to not auto focus while recording, which would mean you would have to click on your subject every time you wanted to refocus the shot. Boo…. If you want the camera to do auto focus, click on your three dots Speaking of focusing, the HTC One (M8) locks the focus in videos by default. In other words, continuous auto-focus is disabled so you have to tap on the screen each time you need to refocus. When in video mode, tap the three dots and open the settings menu. From there, pick camera options and disable the “Lock focus during recording” option.

There are tons of other options you can do in this area that relate to the camera, as well as the video, process.  I would highly recommend taking some time and getting familiar with this area.

Slow motion & HD Video

The HTC One (M8) can take 60fps 1080p videos, as well as 120fps slow-motion videos. I highly recommend that you use these modes only in broad daylight, or when a strong light source is nearby. Otherwise, good luck with the video as it probably will not turn out the way you would have liked it to…

Change what the volume buttons do while you are in camera mode

This one is pretty straight forward.  While you have the camera app open, hold the power button and press the volume button up/down. You will get a dialog asking what you want to do with the buttons.

Customize it the way you best see fit.2014-05-29 19.55.38



Get familiar with the icons of the app

Selfie Selfie icon
Camera Camera icon
Dual capture Dual capture icon
Video Video icon
Pan 360 Pan 360 icon
ZoeTM camera Zoe icon

Auto Auto icon
Night Night icon
HDR HDR icon
Sweep panorama Sweep panorama icon
Anti-shake Anti-shake icon
Manual Manual mode icon
Backlight Backlight mode icon
Text Text mode icon
Macro Macro mode icon


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