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HTC One 4.3 Update: What’s New?

The new HTC One has rolled out the latest Android 4.3 update, so what’s new?  Here is a listing of the first things noticed.

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Newest features of the HTC One 4.3 Update


New icons in notification bar.

  • There  is now an indicator in the notification area (you can see in my screenshot provided; looks like a “N” icon) means your NTC is enabled.
  • When you have phone plugged into computer about MTP mode, allowing you to enable/disable it much easier (Update: I’ve now added a method for viewing your phone’s file system using Windows & MTP at this link.)
  • Now when you swipe your finger down on the phone, you will see a little 3×3 box in the top right corner.  This is called Quick Toggle, where you can turn on things like WiFi, Bluetooth, and many more toggles.
  • You can use two fingers to swipe down and go straight into the toggle area
  • Few new apps (KeyVPN, G+ Photos, Play Books, Play Games, Play Magazines
  • Something called Daydream – which lets your phone display pretty things while its docked or being charged.
  • Using the Quick Toggle area, you can do a very quick Screenshot & Share it without having to remember the buttons you have to click to do the screenshot.

If you have came across any changes outside of what I have mentioned, or what to provide feedback as to how you feel (good/bad) about the new update, let me know.

The new Toggle page

The new Toggle page

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  • Pablo
    Pablo | November 5, 2013

    “When you have phone plugged into computer about MTP mode, allowing you to enable/disable it much easier”
    Can you please specify? I don’t se these options after plug my HTC to PC.

    • k.shoffner
      k.shoffner | November 5, 2013

      If you are looking for the MTP Mode once you have plugged in your phone to your computer, you should see something like this on your phone.
      If you are using a Windows PC, the device should just “show up” in Windows Explorer or a dialog like in this image.

      If you are using a Mac, I recommend reaching out to the Android’s file transfer program http://www.android.com/filetransfer/

      Let me know if you are using Linux, as that is a completely different method.

      • Pablo
        Pablo | November 5, 2013

        Well, I’m using Linux 🙂 Kubuntu 13.10. I have noticed a weird thing – on 1st computer everything is OK and phone is automaticly mounted as MTP Device called “player” – and I have full access to memory – I can read and write from laptop to HTC. On 2nd computer phone is mounted as camera, and I can send any files to it. Its weird because yesterday everything works great on second computer 🙂 I think it gone wrong after update to 4.3. I thought maybe there is an option o HTC where I can change type of device (from camera to player or something different)

        • k.shoffner
          k.shoffner | November 5, 2013

          Two different methods I have had success with are:

          Setting up MTP with Ice Cream Sandwich


          Connecting HTC One to Ubuntu

          I hope this works for you

          • Pablo
            Pablo | November 6, 2013

            I didn’t use methods You give me in last comment but I’ve check them and focus on udev rules. After some googling, analyzing system logs I’ve fix it! One thing i’ve to do is add in /lib/udev/rules.d/69-libmtp.rules this lines (first is for device with debugging mode on, second for DM off):
            ATTR{idVendor}==”0bb4″, ATTR{idProduct}==”0f63″, SYMLINK+=”libmtp-%k”, MODE=”660″, GROUP=”audio”, ENV{ID_MTP_DEVICE}=”1″, ENV{ID_MEDIA_PLAYER}=”1″
            ATTR{idVendor}==”0bb4″, ATTR{idProduct}==”0f64″, SYMLINK+=”libmtp-%k”, MODE=”660″, GROUP=”audio”, ENV{ID_MTP_DEVICE}=”1″, ENV{ID_MEDIA_PLAYER}=”1″

            Thanks a lot!

            Have You notice problems with Google synchronization on Android 4.3? I have error in Settings->Accounts and sync?

          • k.shoffner
            k.shoffner | November 6, 2013

            Ah, great idea for looking in the logs.
            As for Google sync – I haven’t run across any issues (except when I used the wrong password). I know in the past, with my EVO, there were times when something like my Google calendar would not sync until I went in and clicked on it, but I have not noticed anything like that with 4.3

            Don’t forget to be on the lookout for Android 4.4 though, as it appears HTC One customers will see it pretty soon on their devices.

      • Pablo
        Pablo | November 5, 2013

        I have “MTP mode is enabled” on my phone ofcourse

      • Bhuvan Kumar T R
        Bhuvan Kumar T R | November 24, 2013

        I am able to see multiple options like MTP & SYNC MANAGER with same kind of logo ( Similar logo of MTP ) on my notification bar. please help me out.

        • k.shoffner
          k.shoffner | November 28, 2013

          There really are a lot of icons when you have the phone plugged in. You can use this image to see what the MTP mode icon (http://kevinshoffner.com/core-uploads/2013/11/mtp-mode-icon.jpg).

          If you have a particular question about what one of the icons that shows up, feel free to snap a screenshot and send to me.

  • panos92
    panos92 | November 27, 2013

    by my mistake i disabled mtp mode.. how can i enable it again? because when i connect my htc one to the computer it doesnt show me an image like this http://kevinshoffner.com/core-uploads/2013/11/Capture.jpg just the htc sync manager. and when i m about to download drivers via htc sync it says that usb mtp connection failed. any help please? because besides computer i cant see my stuff (although they re there and not gone) via gallery and music app. just by an application like astro file manager etc..

    • k.shoffner
      k.shoffner | November 28, 2013

      Try to do this:
      Go to Settings >> More… >> Mobile network settings >> HTC Sync Manager should be selected.

      • panos92
        panos92 | November 28, 2013

        when im going to settings and press more my options are -usage- vpn- mobile network sharing- and nfc.. nowhere the option mobile network settings..

        • Jeza
          Jeza | December 27, 2013

          I have the same problem i disabled MTP by accident and now all my photos and music are gone. Can you let me know please if you already fixed yours. thanks.

          • k.shoffner
            k.shoffner | December 27, 2013

            Jez, when you go to Settings >> More do you see the following?

        • k.shoffner
          k.shoffner | December 27, 2013

          Settings >> Options >> More >> Mobile network sharing

          • Jeza
            Jeza | December 28, 2013

            when i open the mobile network sharing only this i can see Portable Wi-fi hotspot, Portable wi-fi hotspot setting, USB network setting and bluetooth tethering.

          • k.shoffner
            k.shoffner | December 28, 2013

            My guess is this is due to a customization (limitation) of your carriers version of Android OS.

  • Raj
    Raj | January 21, 2014

    Hi Kevin, I have updated my HTC one to recent software and it comes up with MTP mode is enabled when I tried to connect with USB. I have disabled it but now it prompt me to download HTC Sync Manager to access phone memory. Earlier I used to connect it through USB and I see Internal Memory drive and simply access it but I am confused with it now as I can’t see the same. I am using windows XP. Please suggest me how can i get rid of it and simply access the phone.

    • k.shoffner
      k.shoffner | January 21, 2014

      Great question Raj. I have been meaning to finish this, but just have not gotten around to this. So here is a brief walk-through on how to use it with Windows XP to Windows 8.

      I hope it helps and good luck!

  • nmanghnani
    nmanghnani | February 2, 2014

    Am having a problem with usb tethering after the mtp mode has been enabled on my phone.,.,
    What can be done about that ????

    • k.shoffner
      k.shoffner | March 10, 2014

      Are you getting any particular error message?

  • greg
    greg | March 9, 2014

    Whats NTC for? Can I disable it?

    • k.shoffner
      k.shoffner | March 10, 2014

      NFC stands for Near Field Communications, and it’s a form of communicating from your device to another. Similar to Bluetooth, but less of a range and more security. More places are using it for making purchases on the go. Use it for bumping another phone to get contact information, or sharing movies or photos from one device to another. I like the concept of having all of my loyalty cards (grocery, gas, etc) stored on phone instead of wallet.

      To disable it, they didn’t make it too intuitive but you can.
      Go to Settings >> More >> NFC (found under Wireless and Networking) and you can enable/disable as you wish

  • Andi S Rizal
    Andi S Rizal | March 22, 2014

    Hi Kevin,

    Since I used the latest os update,MTP mode was shown when I connect my HTC one to PC. But the problem appear that my HTC one can not connect to HTC sycn manager. it is indicated on my device manager PC that MTP USB driver could not installed properly. Could you help me to fix this problem,


    Andi S Rizal

    • k.shoffner
      k.shoffner | March 22, 2014

      A few things I’ve seen happen on other folks devices

      There are some times where it helps to simply clear the cache for an app called

      Go to :
      Settings > Apps > All
      Make sure Media Storage isn’t disabled, and
      Settings >> Developer Options
      make sure USB debugging mode is enabled

      3. Optional
      There have been some carriers that included HTC Sync with the driver. After doing the top things, if they have not worked you can see if you have HTC Sync and if you do, you can uninstall it.

      Advanced approach:
      There is a very technical method, so if nothing above works, let me know,

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