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Even More HTC One Secrets & Tricks

I’ve wrote about other HTC One Secrets and HTC One = More Secrets, Tricks and Tips in the past, but thought I would share out more HTC One secrets that I find pretty fun features.

HTC One Action Shot – When you take a burst of photos, save all the photos to turn it into an action shot that can show movement. After capturing a burst of something or someone in action tap on the continuous shooting file and tap retouch. Next tap on Sequence Shot and pick five photos that show the motion you want, as shown in the video above.  I highly recommend watching the video by Donald Bell from CNet about this process in a visual review.  You can also see a short video below.

Slow Motion Video – Take a slow motion video on the HTC One by tapping on the menu icon in the lower left of the camera app. Scroll down to video capture mode and choose Slow motion video. Now press the video shutter button to record in slow motion. Video taken in slow motion can be edited later to mix real-time and slow motion for dramatic effect. This video from Phones4u is a great example of how to walk through and see the slow motion video itself.

Remove Unwanted People – If you are sick of sharing your group photos with people who walk through a perfect shot use HTC Zoe and then tap on Edit, Retouch and Object removal to quickly remove unwanted objects from your photos.

Group Shots – I recently found another great trick of Zoe.  My friends are pretty crazy so getting a photo with them all looking and smiling at the same time is impossible.  After playing around I found the “Always Smile” feature with Zoe.  Here is a quick video of how that works also.

Enable HTC One Smart Ring Mode

HTC offers several ringtone customizations on top of picking a specific ringer. These smart ring modes are handy to turn on.

Screenshot_2014-03-03-21-03-17Go to Settings >> Sound >> Quiet ring on pickup and Pocket Mode to turn these on.

The Quiet ring on pickup will, as it implies, lowers the ring volume when the HTC One is picked up. if the HTC One senses it is in a pocket it will ring louder than usual so it is heard.



Easily Switch from iPhone to HTC One

For users who are switching from the iPhone to the HTC One, HTC offers a switching tool that will help users make the switch and bring their content along. To use this iPhone to HTC One switch tool download the HTC Sync Manager.

Next connect your iPhone to the computer and make a backup that is not encrypted. After that is complete, attach the HTC One to your computer and launch the HTC Sync Manager to move files and data over to the HTC One.


Use Google Now to Control Spotify & Music

Now that you’ve mastered how to use Google Now on the HTC One, here’s a really cool feature that lets you control Spotify, Google Play All Access, YouTube and more from Google Now. Check this out in action in the video below.

Launch Google Now and say “Google Play Artist Name” to start playing music by a specific band or artist. Users can then pick which service to use. Google will remember and in the future launch that app and start playing the songs.



Note: I am in no way affiliated with HTC or the HTCShowMe video channel.  They just happened to have all the video samples in one place, so I linked to them.

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