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Clean USB SD Card for Mac

If you have ever used a flash drive (thumb drive) or any type of SD card with your Mac, you may have noticed that after you have deleted files they end up in the .Trashes folder, and you could either lost card space or not be able to use your card or drive at all.  Don’t worry, there is always a fix.  And this is a simple one.

Most of the time you can just use the Disk Utility to click “Clear Empty Space” or even “Erase.” For some devices though, this doesn’t work. When I started using the HTC Re Camera, I loved it and before long it became part of my every impromptu pool, ocean, or hike camera. But it doesn’t really like the Apple Disk Utility as much as it does within the Windows Environment. Although the Re Camera is definitely not the only flash drive or SD card device that has this issue, it is an issue that you will need to know how to resolve if you use a Mac.


<1> Open Terminal, type cd /Volumes/<your thumb drive>

Remember the <your thumb drive> section is whatever your device is called. For instance if your drive is called “UNTITLED” the command should be:

cd /Volumes/UNTITLED

<2> Now type:

rm -rf ._.Trashes .Trashes/ .Spotlight-V100/ .fseventsd/

<3> Eject and use the thumb drive. The next time you plug in the drive those items and folders will be recreated



I have done this for a number of people and photographers who are not aware of this fix when the Disk Utility.

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