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What I believe?

Most people have strong looks on life, politics, religion, iPhone vs Android, and pizza. Beliefs of all types mold who you are, and who you will become. Beliefs are just like opinions in that there is no right or wrong belief, but it is great to explore yours from time to time. I as well have my own beliefs, and thought it would be worthwhile to share a few of my own beliefs.


Everyone has something to bring to the table; listen.

Maya Angelou - When you learn, teach. When you get, giveWe are all unique, with special skills and talents. When everyone gets a voice, and others listen, great things can happen. Some times you won’t be heard and you may get frustrated, but we cannot control what others are doing. Instead of shutting down, listen to them and offer advice.  Over time, your advice might be heard. If this becomes the case, those people will hear you more often.

Recently when Maya Angelou passed away, I couldn’t help to think about a quote she once said:

When you learn, teach. When you get, give. – Maya Angelou

We are all teachers.

I can usually learn something new from every person I encounter. I believe that everyone has the ability to teach something new to someone else. I love it when that happens, and watching it happen for others. If you are not learning from others, you are not paying enough attention to those around you. Keep an open head and heart, you will learn.

The direction which education starts a man will determine his future life - PlatoI believe in lifelong learning.

Learning continues throughout a lifetime. I love the quote:

“I’d rather know some of the questions than all of the answers.” – James Thurber

What you see is what you get.

I don’t like pretending. I will strive to put myself out there in the most honest, transparent way possible. Even if it’s not the most popular method. And I tend to gravitate toward people who share the same philosophy.

Cooperation beats competition every time.

Exciting stuff happens when we pool our talents together. I love sharing back and forth with my colleagues who are in the same industry. We all have different skills and backgrounds, but putting those different talents together make amazing things happen.

A sense of humor will get you through almost anything.

Laughter need not be cut out of anything, since it improves everything.  - James ThurberLaughing—at myself and at the weird stuff life which can be thrown into my life sometimes is the only way to make it through the times. Laughter is good for the soul, and feels good.  Take advantage of it, and use it often.

It is better to look for what we have in common than what divides us.

I won’t go near the political discussions on social media because I truly believe that it builds walls, because I would rather be a bridge for getting people together. For years I would help others find their own bridges, but I built walls around myself and didn’t really understand. Finally I discovered it was because I was insecure and afraid what would happen if those walls came down.  Over the last few years, I’ve let many of those walls down and opened up more. It feels wonderful, and I wish others would try it more often.

Don’t try to find the division between each other, even though it is extremely easy to do so. Take a little time and effort and see what you have in common with your neighbor, it will be worth it.

People are basically good.

I have found that most people are honest, kind and wanting to do the right thing. If I go into this expectation when meeting a new person, I am rarely disappointed.



Go. Explore. Learn.


Our own Alps – Part #3, The First Step

Time to take your first step

If you reading this, I hope you have taken the time to read my two articles previous articles talking about walking on the best trail, and which trail you should hike on.


After traveling on different paths over the last few years, I’ve proven to myself that even though I am starting to be more demanding on myself – the only path worth traveling is not the one you’re supposed to travel, but rather, the one you give yourself permission to go after.

Now that you have given yourself permission, it is time to get out and do some hiking…  What will be your first hike?

  • Maybe your hike is to start cutting back on soda or $5 fancy coffees; putting that money aside just for yourself.
  • Maybe your hike is cleaning out your attic and closets full of mess you will never used, and just clutter your life.
  • Maybe your hike is to start a new business venture to go after something you have a strong passion for, even if you don’t feel ready. btw: you will never be ready.
  • Maybe your hike is embracing your own faith beliefs, not those you’ve been told are correct.
  • Maybe your hike is embracing your sexually, and face those who you fear as being prejudice against you.
  • Maybe your hike is to stop worrying about medical things; instead becoming your advocate to make things better.
  • Heck, maybe your hike is actually getting outside and walking a trail, and stop reading blogs.

Deciding to “hike” requires a bold step. But that overwhelming first step is what separates people who think they can, to people who do.

That’s the thing about hikes (metaphorically or literally). Some are easy, some will kick you in the ass, make you feel like you fell over the cliff and broke all your ribs, but keep you coming back for more. Eventually your conditioning will make you a better hiker, and you will be able to climb the tallest of mountains.


So today I ask once again =


BTW – don’t forget to take your camera and get memories of those magical hikes.

Our own Alps – Part #2, Courage

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Our own Alps – Part #1, Your Hike

What will your first hike be?

I’ve enjoyed the trails of the Appalachian Trail (The A.T.) and many other locations whenever I get a chance to do a day hike.  I’ve even hiked more exotic places, including the Garda Mountains of Italy.

My love of hiking

  1. gets me back into nature and unplugged from my office chair and the rest of the world for a short period of time
  2. reminds me of the beauty all around us which so many people take advantage of for granted
  3. reminds me of life in general

Although most hikes I walk are fairly relaxing and simple, as I would say about my day to day life, occasionally I run into a hike that of the Garda Mountains.

When I first learned about the Garda hike, I heard it was a slightly moderate trail by my kind, and in-shape,European chaps. Sounded great to me. I mean, why would I turn down a nice trail in Northern Italy on a comfortable sunny day?  But somewhere along the way there was a feeling telling me a different story. While out on the trail, I went from thinking


this is the most amazing feeling…

I am so out of shape but loving this…

man, what if I get too tired to make it back…

(and many other thoughts that I better not put into writing.)

to finally get back to the thought of

this is the most amazing feeling…

Those feelings told me that I must be doing something crazy. But I kept telling myself, I could do this, and those same thoughts turned into thoughts telling me that I must be doing something right.

And this should be how your life journey should be.  It should be challenging. You might think you are doing things that are too hard or possibly crazy to be doing.  Those are the times when you should know you are doing things right.

We all need to climb our own Alps


Followers: I will be following up this article in the next day or two.

Until then, I ask to start thinking =