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What I believe?

Most people have strong looks on life, politics, religion, iPhone vs Android, and pizza. Beliefs of all types mold who you are, and who you will become. Beliefs are just like opinions in that there is no right or wrong belief, but it is great to explore yours from time to time. I as well have my own beliefs, and thought it would be worthwhile to share a few of my own beliefs.


Everyone has something to bring to the table; listen.

Maya Angelou - When you learn, teach. When you get, giveWe are all unique, with special skills and talents. When everyone gets a voice, and others listen, great things can happen. Some times you won’t be heard and you may get frustrated, but we cannot control what others are doing. Instead of shutting down, listen to them and offer advice.  Over time, your advice might be heard. If this becomes the case, those people will hear you more often.

Recently when Maya Angelou passed away, I couldn’t help to think about a quote she once said:

When you learn, teach. When you get, give. – Maya Angelou

We are all teachers.

I can usually learn something new from every person I encounter. I believe that everyone has the ability to teach something new to someone else. I love it when that happens, and watching it happen for others. If you are not learning from others, you are not paying enough attention to those around you. Keep an open head and heart, you will learn.

The direction which education starts a man will determine his future life - PlatoI believe in lifelong learning.

Learning continues throughout a lifetime. I love the quote:

“I’d rather know some of the questions than all of the answers.” – James Thurber

What you see is what you get.

I don’t like pretending. I will strive to put myself out there in the most honest, transparent way possible. Even if it’s not the most popular method. And I tend to gravitate toward people who share the same philosophy.

Cooperation beats competition every time.

Exciting stuff happens when we pool our talents together. I love sharing back and forth with my colleagues who are in the same industry. We all have different skills and backgrounds, but putting those different talents together make amazing things happen.

A sense of humor will get you through almost anything.

Laughter need not be cut out of anything, since it improves everything.  - James ThurberLaughing—at myself and at the weird stuff life which can be thrown into my life sometimes is the only way to make it through the times. Laughter is good for the soul, and feels good.  Take advantage of it, and use it often.

It is better to look for what we have in common than what divides us.

I won’t go near the political discussions on social media because I truly believe that it builds walls, because I would rather be a bridge for getting people together. For years I would help others find their own bridges, but I built walls around myself and didn’t really understand. Finally I discovered it was because I was insecure and afraid what would happen if those walls came down.  Over the last few years, I’ve let many of those walls down and opened up more. It feels wonderful, and I wish others would try it more often.

Don’t try to find the division between each other, even though it is extremely easy to do so. Take a little time and effort and see what you have in common with your neighbor, it will be worth it.

People are basically good.

I have found that most people are honest, kind and wanting to do the right thing. If I go into this expectation when meeting a new person, I am rarely disappointed.



Go. Explore. Learn.


Your mindset – Eating Soup With A Fork…

For years my mindset was to be a very negative person, carried lots of baggage, and just threw pity parties for myself for the heck of it.  But in the last few years I really started thinking about my mindset, and how it has affected the rest of my life choices.

So when you hear this phrase, do you think negatively or positivity:

Eating Soup With A Fork…


When you wake up in the morning you get to choose your very own mindset every day. Think about that for a second.  That is an amazing power to hold. So what do you chose to do?

  • Start the day with a positive outlook, or do you
  • Start the day with a negative outlook

It’s so easy to start with negative thoughts:

Gosh, another day of work.

It’s only Wednesday!

It’s raining/too cold/too hot outside

It’s just so easy to do that, and I’ve done it so many times.  But what if just for a month, you woke up and found something positive to say? Every November, I see so many people post things they are grateful for building up to Thanksgiving and I see so many people find good things to say, and less negative vibes. Why don’t we do that every month, every day? Is it so hard? Now, let’s face it. Some days it will be hard and you will have to dig for something to be grateful for, but try it. You will find something to be grateful for each and every day. A good attitude doesn’t just happen, you have to work at it.

The above video was recorded a while back and really states a point that I feel too many people forget. There are so many approaches and possibilities we have each and every day.  Some which you can control while others you cannot. Keep positive as much as you can. You have to be happy with what you have and where you are at now or you will never reach where you want to be.

Think about it this way = We can’t control the weather or control others, so why complain about it.  Instead, go with the flow with these factors and find a way to make it work.  If you go through life just being happy when things are going your way, you will find that life does not go your way often.  Instead, if you go through life finding things to be grateful for, life will go your way much more often.

Seriously – Set your tone for your day, and life. Try it, what do you have to lose? You can make the choice today and do one of the following:

  • Go out expecting problems & people not treating you nice, you will get your wish.
  • Go out expecting people to be good to you. If it doesn’t happen, keep a smile on your face and go with the flow. Something will happen even better. Maybe not today, but it will happen.


I’ve heard this type of mindset similar to faith.

You have to believe it before you see it


When bad things or people come into your life, realize it’s just part of the plan. One good break can make up for all of those bad-breaks in the past. You have the choice to look for those breaks!

Do you see beauty or do you see prickly?


Being negative is a lot of work, and draining to your body

Your life follows your thoughts. If you think

“this is not going to go my way”  = no problem, it won’t

“I’ll never meet the right person” = that only draws in loneliness

“I hate my job” = only draws negativity to your workspace, which effects your performance

“I’ll never do that” = you’re right, it’s only going to draw in mediocrity

Go out keeping your mind focused on the good thoughts, makes your mind too full for the discouraging thoughts

Years back, I didn’t like the way Olive Garden’s cheesecake tasted. Instead of complaining, I went home and learned to make them, and they are better than any manufacturing company can make.

I also didn’t think have confidence that I was good at DIY’s like woodworking or making things with my hands and was afraid to start any project. But then I told myself it couldn’t be that hard, so I learned to make candles and soap, next building small things with my hands, and now I am not afraid (too much) about what I can carry out with the right tools. Challenge me!
I also believe that in many cases, your body will not get well until your brain gets well.
For me, I think a good part of my health over the years has played a role in my mental health. I feared so long that seizures would affect me and always focused on them. I told myself one day that I wouldn’t let them control me or who I am, and it’s been over 6 months since my last seizure.

Give yourself permission to be happy

This is going to be a good day!


So, instead of thinking that

“Eating Soup With A Fork” as impossible and as negative as possible,

Think about “Eating Soup With A Fork” positively, in which you can never can get enough.


*I originally posted the article Eating Soup With A Fork in 2010, and have been so grateful of my relative who had such great wisdom. I read that journal entry she wrote for a reason; I am sure of it…






One, Two, Three – Words of 2014

As 2013 came to a close, I was spending a bit of time deliberating on what my previous year brought me and what I could expect from 2014. As a person who believes karma is real, I still do not quite have enough faith in it to think you can just slide along being nice without some direction, and all things will just come my way. This year I wanted to approach it by trying to set the stage… This year I am shaping my year using a few actionable words to my vocabulary to help guide me.

This, to me, is not the same as doing New Year’s Resolutions, so don’t think this is just another blog about resolutions. Heck, I don’t trust myself with those any more than I trust myself with diets. Instead, I wanted to at least give myself some guidance, some would say “goals,” for 2014.

When I started making my list of goals guidance tools, I remembered some of my inspiring fellow bloggers (Brian GardnerCooldeb, and Bobbi Klein) words of thought, and decided it was time for me to put things out there.

Here are my Words of 2014:


For years, I have programmed myself to be dependable and fair to get things done if I had agreed to do those things. You know: being on time for something, getting a project done, helping out a friend when I didn’t have the resources to help. Not that this is a bad thing on its surface, but dig a little deeper.

give-powerSome time during 2013, a weight started to press on me causing me to realize something. Being so dependable for others all the time had caused me to not been very dependable to myself.  I would make sure I bent over backwards to make sure others would have something done or feel a particular way, but it usually meant there was a hardship on me. I didn’t get “my things” done, or my feelings would not be expressed. With that, maybe I would clean up a mess for somebody and delay something of mine, but then afterwards, I would tend to be “humble” about it or not take credit for the hard work I had done. Basically, I would discount my time and my worth.

Wait a minute? This old mindset had to change!  My time and efforts are important and valuable, and others need to realize this.

If I am taking the time to help you – you should appreciate my efforts.

Right? If not, doesn’t that just discount myself just like I’ve allowed others to do to me? I’m not saying I want to get honored for every good thing I do, but I just don’t want others to take advantage of my good heart.



I’m a nerd at heart, plan and simple. I’ve known that for my entire life. I enjoy sitting around talking about computers, video games, camera specs, and PMS colors (BTW for all of you who know the inside joke: No bi#Ch, stop taking it so personal because I am not referring to a female condition. So shut up!). Even though I have known about my nerdiness for years I still wanted to “just fit in” or be accepted by any particular group instead of being comfortable in my skin. I tried to find comfort through the clothes I wore, people to associate with, or just generally becoming a chameleon as the situation called for it. But why?  Why have I tried to be somebody different than who I am? Why am I putting so much energy into not being true to myself? Not being true to myself only meant I couldn’t be true to those closest to me.

if you cannot love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else - RuPaulIt wasn’t until mid 2013 that I started even trying to do something about this. Now, look around my blog – I’ve really started opening up and becoming much more transparent about who I am. I talk about geeky stuff, I talk about my interests in cooking and doing random Do-It-Yourself projects, and I talk about my medical condition. I have opened up to myself and those around me can see me for who I am.

So, If I want to listen to Trampled by Turtles /Ralph Stanley / Avett Brothers then switch to Crash Test DummiesAC/DC LMFAO, I just will do it… If I just want to dance in public or sing in my yard while mowing, I am just going to do it. If one weekend I want to do something off Pinterest (or God forbid actually make create something just to pin there) like make candles or homemade laundry detergent, but then want to go off and enjoy nature, then I think I just will.

These things might seem random to others, but these things make me feel creative, and happy, which provides much enrichment in my life.



This will have many meaning to me moving forward, but the great thing is I can do so much with this word.

  • I will be looking for ways to get out in the “open” more and find the beauty all around me. Enjoy the sounds and sites we are all blessed with, yet take for granted. I am too plugged in most weeks, but love being outdoors. It’s time to open my windows and my mind and get out more. In the last few years I have traveled many places for the first time. Let’s hope I continue to keep my eyes “open” and my mind just as “open”.
  • I have so much in my life, I need to be able to “open” my arms to others and give some of what I am blessed with. It’s amazing when I look around at how much I have, and what I really can give.
  • Be more “open” to hearing and receiving people’s feelings, thoughts, and criticisms. Give opinions when asked, because people who ask think highly enough of you to ask. Just because they may not go with your opinion doesn’t mean anything. It wasn’t right or wrong.
  • Become more “open” about my medical condition. Although this also falls under my newfound “ownership” in being comfortable with who I am, I still need to be more open about things as well. Since I spent the majority of my life running for the conversations, this is going to take a lot of practice for me. I don’t like talking about myself, but there are things I need to say. It may take me a while to get things out, but I will get better about it as time goes on.

Look at situations for all angles and you will become more openLook, in summary the goal I have for myself (and hope you would consider thinking about) moving forward is this:

Be honest with yourself, take credit for your accomplishments because they are awesome, and remember we only live once (as far as I know) so be yourself and do what you love doing… Awesomeness will become you.

Have you thought about:


Comments are welcome on this, as always.

What do you do?

Over the course of the last twenty years, I’ve asked myself and seen so many of my friends and family ask “what should I do with my life/career?” For some, they seem born with their purpose, while others it takes much more time. What do you do?

When someone asks

What do you do?

do you find yourself stumbling to answer? Not because you don’t know, but because you’re afraid to own it?

We’re afraid of owning the role(s) we’ve created for ourselves. I’m not talking about what your job description upstairs assigns you, but instead, one’s we proclaim for ourselves.

Entrepreneur. Writer. Musician. Photographer. Programmer. Comedian. Parent. Sibling. Spouse.

I struggled with this early in my teenage years because I went between being a secret agent, backup singer, farmer (due to a highly influential family member), or shrimp boat captain (for a much lesser reason of Forest Gump). The secret agent gig didn’t pan out (or you won’t ever know if it did), farming was a passing phase after cleaning chicken coops and sterilizing Angus bulls. Shrimping would have got me on the ocean much more, but I love eating shrimp too much that it could have been a hazard to my health.

Today, I still struggle between what to say – Developer, Designer, Father, Entrepreneur. Whenever I say anything about the web, most people just gloss over with that “oh boy, another geek talking about some new social media thing” face. If I start off that I am a father in the wrong company there is that “great you are going to talk on and on about your kids and show me a bunch of pictures of your baby” look.

Most days, I am quite certain what I am NOT, but having just one definition for “what I do” seems to hard to define some times.

I believe some of this hesitation to confidently declare who we are and what we do comes from being young and the feeling of being inexperienced. It can also comes from feeling too old and afraid to make a shift in career. It comes from people telling us that we’re just kidding ourselves. It comes from feeling like we can’t possibly keep up with all the awesomeness happening around us.

But as is with anything, practice makes perfect.
No matter who you are or what you do.

So go and declare who you are to a family member, spouse, or friend, your dog. Don’t put this step off. By getting it out in the open, you are obligating yourself to push forward with your declaration. Start building your pose of supporters and believers with the people that matter most in your life. Don’t put this off, because you will continue to find excuses.

Then, stick to your guns and own it. When people ask, tell them. Reach out to your community, church, Twitter followers, social groups, or a complete stranger you meet at the grocery store.

So stop procrastinating and convincing yourself from simply believing you are something/somebody to owning and doing it – and living it.

Will you help build a path, a solid foundation, or walls to the special people in your life?

So – 
What do you do?

When did we make the wrong turn?

Have you ever been told, “Love your neighbors and enemies.”  Sure you have.
Its the Golden Rule, who hasn’t been told that since they were 2 years old?

Question to ponder though- is that the best message and advice to give some one from day one in this world?
Maybe we should look at it more like the way we learn in school.  Let me explain…

When we first start in school, we learn the basics, generalized, and fundamentals of life as a whole.
2+2 = 4
We do not start 1st grade learning Calculus theorems, chemical equations, and the meaning of life…  So are we taught incorrectly with “love your enemy?”

Maybe it should be something more like this…

In our youth – “Love our family.”
Teenage years – “Love our friends.”
College level – “Love all those who love us.”
Higher level – “Love those who are different than us, politics, looks, race, sexual orientation, etc..”
Post-Grad – “Love our neighbors”
PhD level – “Love our enemies”

Where and When did we make the wrong turn?

Maybe that could help us all out…

Your thoughts???

needed something handy

Life Quotes by Jack Handy:

Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo, flying across in front of a beautiful sunset? And he’s carrying a beautiful rose in his beak, and also he’s carrying a very beautiful painting with his feet. And also, you’re drunk.

I wish I would have a real tragic love affair and get so bummed out that I’d just quit my job and become a bum for a few years, because I was thinking about doing that anyway.

Maybe in order to understand mankind we have to look at that word itself. MANKIND. Basically, it’s made up of two separate words “mank”and “ind.” What do these words mean? It’s a mystery and that’s why so is mankind.

As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way.

Better hold on

Have you ever noticed

  • Those who feel entitled in life, are the ones who are most unworthy
  • Those who reserve themselves and do not expect things for free, are those who are so desirable

Recently I have been introduced to a number of individuals.

Mindful of others,

And the best part – they are completely humble and act as if they have not done anything special.

Those people that want to spend time with you, for no other reason than just to hang out. No other motives…

That’s something special and you better hold on.

wish people tried harder…

Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good.

Do not ever give somebody that much power over you.  You and you alone are the only person who should make you feel good about yourself.  If you can’t rely on yourself to remind yourself how great you are, why would you expect others to do the same?

This comes in friendships, intimate, and co-worker relationships.


In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not…… a place that you go to take.~Anthony Robbins

Better Have a Green Thumb w/ Relationships…

The obvious: Relationships are too much like a garden. Beautiful and enchanting to look at, but you must maintain the flowers and prune the weeds, while small, or they will overtake its beauty. You must always be willing to work at it, and treat it with respect, and it will continue to take your breath away.

Not so obvious: Some times you need a few piles of cow crap before blooms start again.


(from my 2009 article at