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HTC One M8 Camera Tips & Guide

The new HTC One M8 camera has great software with so many goodies that it can be a little hard to find things, so I hope this guide will at least help get you started.   Tap screen to automatically set focus and exposure There are some … [Read more]

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 Go Head-to-Head

Recently I was able to compare the Samsung Galaxy S5 to HTC One M8. and here is what I got out of it. The Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One m8 review Design The Galaxy S5 did't go bold or change much from all before regards to design, but it you will … [Read more]

Your mindset – Eating Soup With A Fork…

For years my mindset was to be a very negative person, carried lots of baggage, and just threw pity parties for myself for the heck of it.  But in the last few years I really started thinking about my mindset, and how it has affected the rest of my … [Read more]

The Normal Guy HTC One M8 and Camera Review

When the HTC One was released last year (2013) as HTC's latest flagship phone it took much of the Android photo industry by surprise. Some complained about the "4 UltraPixel" design instead of a big number like "13 MegaPixel" thought.  But most … [Read more]

Even More HTC One Secrets & Tricks

I've wrote about other HTC One Secrets and HTC One = More Secrets, Tricks and Tips in the past, but thought I would share out more HTC One secrets that I find pretty fun features. HTC One Action Shot – When you take a burst of photos, save all the … [Read more]

Spring cleaning

Do you feel that your life is just a little too cluttered? I find clutter comes in a wide variety of forms and can slowly accumulate over time and often times show up when I least expect it. And I have a theory, which is probably not too … [Read more]

St. Valentine – The untold story.

When you hear "St. Valentine" what do you think about? Flowers? Balloons? Stuffed animals & chocolate? February 14th? Satan's day (for singles)? My guess is - "yes of course." (at least for one of these) What if I told you there is much more to … [Read more]

HTC One to get KitKat 4.4.2

The HTC One is by far the best smartphone on the market in the U.S. currently, and this week it will only get better. HTC USA announced last week that the HTC One KitKat update has finalized it's testing on the four major carriers and is expected to … [Read more]

Using MTP Mode with your HTC One

I just updated my Android smartphone, and now I am seeing something about MTP Mode on my HTC One... What is this MTP Mode thingy on my Android phone? MTP Mode is a standard used for transferring files via USB.  Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is what … [Read more]

iPhone 5s vs HTC One Comparison

What are the major differences between these phones? After hearing so many people talk about it, I knew it was time for a true "real-world" iPhone 5s vs HTC One comparison in the same environment to find out for myself. So I put them side-by-side and … [Read more]