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Gatecity Media Designs

Greensboro, NC

Creative Lead, Experience Specialist July 1997 – current

Hosts 400-500 websites; Designed and maintained websites for various non-profit groups including Greensboro Chapter of the American Red Cross, North Carolina Directors of Nurses Association, Create shopping carts for tennis and golf training academies

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Consulted with companies about corporate branding; Strategic web marketing advice; Search engine optimization; Email Marketing; Market Share advancement.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

Web Director February 2011 – current

Maintained the University websites, while designing and integrating them to use the WordPress framework.

Systems Engineering, Inc

Greensboro, NC

Web Applications Specialist July 2010 – February 2011

Managed themes for Real Estate Boards and Offices, designing CMS themes and programming scripts to work with their current CMS system.

Remington Firearms

Madison, NC

Marketing Communications Department Specialist June 2009 – July 2010

Managed comprehensive marketing plan in accordance with corporate goals; Manage the workload of contractors; Planned, designed, and promoted iPhone games; Implemented monthly eCommerce newsletter for over 700,000 subscribers; Responsible for redesign and layouts of new websites, national publications.

SPI Software Solutions

Greensboro, NC

Network Architect/Web Developer/Graphic Artist Apr 2007- Mar 2009

Developed and managed a wide range of marketing tools, including promotional materials, direct-mail pieces, and Web site design/content; defined and evaluated product marketing collateral, programs, and analyses; tracked, projected, and reported both advertising and circulation-based marketing programs; worked hands on with business executives and corporate marketing teams to comply with their network, business, and marketing needs; developed and implemented Social Media plans for multiple International brands.

Whitestone of Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

Accounts Receivable/Payable Controller July 2006 – Apr 2007

Focused on maintaining and budgeting General Ledger accounts for vendors, residents, while maintaining high levels of organization and communication.
MIS Coordinator Dec 2004 – July 2006

Worked within a team environment to carry out a full range of business functions, from Purchasing, Payables, Web Marketing, Print Marketing, and Network/System Functionability. Played large role in product selection, purchasing, and applications.
Web Developer Nov 2003 – Dec 2004

Assisted in Web site promotions and in communicating marketing programs. Developed creative print and online marketing collateral.

American Express

Greensboro, NC

Customer Service Representative Nov 2001 – Jul 2003

Managed customer needs on an individual basis; established and maintained excellent customer relationships; listened and responded tactfully and appropriately to challenges presented by customers.

SPI Software Solutions

Greensboro, NC

Web Developer/Graphic Artist May 2001 – Sept 2002

Designed using W3C standards, while creating marketing strategies for midsized and non-profit businesses, including promotional materials, and Web site design/content.

Beacon Technologies

Greensboro, NC

Web Developer Mar 2000 – May 2001

Worked on the Customer Focus Group, to design programs and marketing plans around different target markets and niches. Developed graphical interfaces and storefronts for eCommerce businesses, designed reports and matrix for University and Government clients, while maintaining a high regard for W3C and WAI guidelines.

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